Publish News
Our News Publishing Plugin has a built in web based MS Word like content Editor (WYSIWYG) for website administrators to add supporting body text and imagery,you can select the date and time for publishing the news article, as well as configure when the news article will automatically unpublish and become archived news. you can have your published news stories appear on various pages of your website, without having to enter information more than once!
Publish Articles
Publish articles to your web site from any computer, anywhere with web access. It comes packed with a powerful web based MS Word like content editor WYSIWYG which you can use directly from your web browser to access it! Create multiple categories and sub categories to classify your articles (I.E. Business, Sports, Music, Entertainment, etc.) Add any number of articles to any number of categories and control them through the Admin Panel.

In addition you can integrate other plugins which enables you to :
  • Receive Authentic comments from viewers
  • Facility to Approve & Publish Replies
  • Article Rating Module included.
  • Printer friendly view
  • Share Articles with your friends
Photo Gallery
Website photo galleries and photo albums are an excellent way to display your company's products and services to your online customers.

Photo Gallery plugin allows you to display your website image gallery in:
  • Thumbnails with popups
  • In a Modal Shadow Box
  • Image Slide shows
Managing your gallery images is a breeze using our Photo Gallery plugin and all the images are dynamically resized in pairs for a thumbnail view and a full size view
User Management & Permissions
With this plugin, website user logins can be given to as few or as many website users and content administrators as you like. Granting of rights to different content in your site can be given to these website users as you see fit.

Website User Permissions can be granted on a Per Group basis making user permission management very easy to maintain. As users come and go, they can be simply added or removed from associated groups to keep your website user permissions up to date and secure.
Advertisement Manager
The Advertisement Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to dynamically place and track the performance of advertisements on your website without the use of third party management products.

Once the Ad-zones (area on your website where ads will be displayed) are defined on your website Administrator can upload the advertisments which can be a jpeg/gif image and link the same with an area defined on the site he can also assign links to the ads, which will take the visitors to the Advertisers website You can select the date for publishing the Ads,as well as configure when the ads will automatically unpublish.
Publish Blog
O2FB CMS features a highly functional CMS blog plugin for authoring your online weblog.

Blogs are an excellent way for companies to:
  • Broadcast its view on industry news and current events
  • Discuss product features and enhancements
  • Give tips to potential customers on what to look for in a quality product
Your search engine friendly weblog will give your site visitors the ability to view and comment on your blog
RSS Feed
Several types of content within the CMS can be configured to offer Really Simple Syndication or RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are a very popular way to syndicate and share your website content.

Our RSS Feed Plugin allows users who use newsreaders or news aggregators the ability to "subscribe" to your various RSS Feeds so they can be immediately updated when your website is updated, without having to visit your site directly.