O2FB CMS is an open source content managment system, built using PHP that provides website Administrator a simple (backend) interface to manage the complexity of website Administration & Management.

O2FB CMS is powered with many ready-to-go website modules that are fully integrated into the CMS and offer powerful and flexible solutions for managing corresponding areas of the website, we constantly perfect existing and develop new modules to meet the needs of our customers.

A CMS is an software application through which you can manage your websites content.There are many such application in the market but they are too Advanced or complex for an end client perspective,as per our knowledge and experience a meduim size web site only utilises 20% of the whole CMS functions and as still they are expected to digest the whole complex system to use it in an efficent way,and because of this majority of people think that they cant handle such systems and go for a static website and spends lot of money on site maintenance and hosting.

Though it is said that all websites are in a way similar from functionality point of view we know from our experience in this field that each and every clients requirment differs in a way or other and these CMS need to configure accordingly to suit the client requirments ,the point is no one can use the CMS as it is so again there is this configuration or development cost that client has to bear.

Considering above all things and interacting with our clients and there needs we have develop our CMS which we have named as O2FB CMS.

  • Design Flexible CMS

    Any type of design can be ported on the CMS,thus not restricting the designers to a specific template style.
  • Want help in designing your site?

    Our Web Design service can provide you with elegant,cross-platform and standards-compliant designs which can be easily ported on our O2FB CMS Framework
  • Custom Plugins and Development

    Need a feature or a custom plugin that O2FB CMS doesn’t have?
    We can develop it for you.
  • Rates & Pricing

    Costs vary from project to project, it’s difficult to provide exact pricing without learning about your specific needs. Once we learn about your goals and project requirements, we can give you an estimate in short order.